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To do more in less time

Why do you need 'Custom Software' ?

It can become an employee who works better than anyone 24/7 without any rest.

Brand Promotion
Your website is like your brand's attire. A neat and clean appearance enhances brand trustworthiness.
Automation of Repetitive Tasks
Don't do repetitive tasks yourself. Focus on other things during that time.
Customer Management
Don't miss out on any valuable customers. Manage customer data online.
Online Document Management
Never lose important documents. Easily manage and always keep them safe.
Simple Order and Payment
Don't share your account information with customers. Let customers place orders and make payments themselves.
Develop Only Needed Features
Don't waste time and money. Create only the necessary features and add or modify features as needed.
Realizing Business Ideas
Do you have a new business idea? Increase your business success rate with custom software.
Business Growth
No matter what your business theme is, custom software will help grow your business.

We build software

that helps your brand succeed.

Which 'Service' do you need?

Business Website

Create a salesperson that works 24/7.

Web Application

We develop anything you can do in a web browser.

Shopping Mall

Want to sell something? Create your own shopping mall.

Mobile App

A well-made app can exceed better profits than a property that takes in monthly rent of $100k.

Cloud Hosting

We manage your carefully developed service on the world's best cloud platform.


Software service begins after completion. We manage it for a lifetime.

Do you have any questions?

Please contact us for free consultation or via email.
We will provide detailed answers to your questions.

'Business Understanding' and 'Quality',

are our strengths.

Business Understanding
We understand the direction of your business and develop exactly what you intended. We work like an internal team, not outsourced.
Whatever your envision, we will develop it exactly how you imagine it, and to perfection.
Develop 3 Times Faster than Other Companies
Developers consult directly with customers and proceed with the work. We develop at the speed of your business growth.
Rich Field Development Experience
As a full-stack developer, we bring our 10 years of expertise and apply them to the project.
Clear Communication
We communicate in business language, not in development language. We provide easy-to-understand explanations
Development Possible Nationwide in Australia
We can develop anywhere in Australia.

Don't worry.

We will promise you these 5 key things.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a 100% refund
if you are not satisfied.

That's how confident we are.

Full refund policy in case of dissatisfaction
Despite having a full refund policy, there have been no refund cases so far.
Is it just production and done? NO, lifetime management
Modifications and additional feature requests are possible at any time. Simple maintenance is free of charge.
*For requests requiring more time, we will provide additional estimates.
Developer 1:1 personalized care
We 'think together', 'communicate steadily'. We progress steadily and share it with you.
100% reservation system, monthly project limit
For quality management of projects, we have set a monthly project limit.
Transparent and accurate estimation
Are we trying to hide something? Don't worry. We provide accurate estimation criteria.

It's not over yet!

I'm hesitant to spread such great intel but…

We offer the following additional services 'for free'.

Apply Web Standards
We will create websites using web standard coding to ensure they work smoothly on major web browsers and mobile devices.
Responsive Design
All websites we create are responsive, ensuring they look great on mobile devices.
Access Statistics
Collect visitor information to utilize for marketing purposes.
Data Backup
Safely manage and backup your valuable data.
Real-time Monitoring
Provide real-time monitoring for smooth service operation.

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We prove with definite results.

5 out of 5 stars

Thanks J Software. The prompt response, courteous explanation, and precise understanding of customer needs were greatly appreciated. I look forward to reaching out again in the future.

Rick Choi
Good Brothers Management

5 out of 5 stars

Highly recommend. He is very kind and competent. He tried to fit everything I asked for :)

Sujin Jeong
Arte.Cosmetic tattoo & Lashes

5 out of 5 stars

I want to start my business, so I asked for help. Even the parts I didn't know about were explained carefully, so thanks to that, it became clear which direction to take! With your extensive experience in Australia, you gave me a lot of diverse advice, so I felt like I had a reliable supporter as we worked together. You were so kind and communicated quickly and well, so I have 100% trust in you! I have absolutely no regrets after asking for your help~ I highly recommend you to anyone starting a business!

Bora Kim
Business Owner

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